Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil

Page 1

This book written by John Berendt in 1994 is about the community and the history of Savannah, Georgia. This book is nonfiction however the author did change the their names and their descriptions of the people to protect their privacy.

Part One

The story begins in New York with a journalist, the author, who wants to expand his horizons and do some travelling and get out of the city. As he continued to travel to Savannah more and more frequently, he realized how much he loved being there and wanted to move there permanently.

Even before he moved there, he started to meet very interesting people. The majority of the first half of the book explains the background of Savannah and the people who live there. Some of the people include a well to do historic building restorer and rare antiques buyer named Jim Williams, who shows up again later in the book in a murder case.

Midnight in the Garden

Other members of the community include a young drug dealer and prostitute Danny Hansford, who was involved in the murder case as well. The Grand Empress of Savannah who was a no filter drag queen who sang and danced in clubs throughout Georgia. A man who was once struck by lighting and never could fall asleep who also had a bottle of poison that could kill all the people of Savannah if he wanted to. A voodoo woman named Minerva who believed in harnessing the dead’s power to work in your favor or dark wishes on your enemies. Joe Odom who was always in a good mood, loved to party and was a jack of all trades.


After getting acquainted with the people of the community and Savannahs history a murder case swept across the town. Everyone was talking about it and it was all over the papers. The outcome of the murder case I will not spoil but I would definitely recommend reading this book. This book was also made into a movie which I will be watching shortly.



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