Taco Tuesday


Tacos for vegetarians is never the same as it is with meat, but we make it work. Instead of chicken or beef for the filling I prepared peppers and rice tacos. So first, chop up the yellow peppers or any peppers of your choosing.

Once those are chopped add them to a pan on medium heat and saute for 5 minutes or so. Now as for the rice I tried using Zatarain’s dirty rice mix and added it with the saute peppers.


Then start chopping up your other sides and toppings.

More Sides

Once the rice is finished, its ready to serve.

Finished Rice


Corn Tortillas

1 Jalapeno

1/2 Onion

1 tomato

3 Yellow Peppers

1 Box of Zatarain’s Dirty Rice, with preparing the rice it gives you of the option to add water or vegetable broth, I would go with the veggie broth. It was so good.

2 Cups Vegetable Broth or Water





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