The Wisconsin River

Canoeing down the Wisconsin River was truly beautiful. In the town of Spring Green, we started our journey at the Highway 14 bridge and ended at Pecks Landing or Highway 23.  We dropped our canoe by the boat landing and pushed off.

17 Bridge
Highway 14 Bridge

Wide River

The sun wrapped us in warmth as the canoe rocked back and forth. I reached down and felt the cool water run through my fingers. All I hear in the background are cars driving along the bridge and water hitting the canoe. Then a loud click and a fishing pole wire is released into the air and pops into the water.

Highway 14 in the distance

Wisconsin River Route

Log in the River
What are the odds


Bird Nests
Bird Homes

The tiny black holes that you see on the side of the rock were filled with birds.

OldSchool Postcard
Heres an Old School Postcard of the WI River

The End.




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  1. waterhigh says:

    I remember bottoming out around that section of river. Fun time.


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