Tabbouleh is a Eastern Mediterranean dish which is basically a salad. Bulgur is the main ingredient which is a wheat grain. If you don’t want to use bulgur you can use quinoa or couscous as a substitute. The other ingredients include tomatoes, green onion, lemon juice, cucumber, parsley, mint, olive oil, salt and pepper.


The Wisconsin River

Canoeing down the Wisconsin River was truly beautiful. In the town of Spring Green, we started our journey at the Highway 14 bridge and ended at Pecks Landing.

Smoothie Sunday

Silk Almond is a great alternative from using diary products and is high in calcium and contains no cholesterol. The disadvantage is that it has a lot of sugar and has “natural flavors” which are add flavorings to make products taste better. Which are created in a lab and the ingredients are not public.

Vegetarian Pad Thai

Now this dish can have variations to how you like it. Whether you like it more spicy or sweet, add more Sriracha or Brown Sugar. Go easy on the Peanut Butter since its so powerful it might dominate your dish, which isn’t always a bad thing.

Wuthering Heights

After reading Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte, the overall book was dark and sad. It was a book that you rarely found good outcomes to any hopeful situation. Given that this book was set in the 1800’s I imagine living back then was in itself hard like people dying at early ages. Characters in the book that develop diseases or suffer from mental illnesses get the lowest amount of proper treatment that they needed.