Road Trip to Show Low, AZ

8am Foggy Mountains

Driving through Northern Arizona means high elevation climbs, upwards to 6,000 in Show Low to 8,000 by Lake Hawley. The higher you go the harder it is to catch your breath.

Passing a Power Plant
Zigzag, Curve, Bend and Spiraling

Driving Tip: Slower traffic is on the right and the faster traffic passes on the left. Believe it or not some people just don’t understand this concept. It is okay to go slow, just make sure your in the right lane.

Driving here is an experience in its own. Taking the 87 highway to Payson the speed limit is 65 mph with winding roads. These are crazy roads to drive on if your not careful. Just drive smart and as long as you remember the best rule, slower traffic keep right.


Holbrook, AZ

This little town you will hit if you decide to visit the Petrified Forest National Park.



Show Low, AZ




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