Jalapeño Poppers

Please share, but if you eat them all on your own. I’m not judging, been there, done that.


Selling and Buying

When you buy something, sooner or later, you will be selling it to someone else. The items we buy at the time that we used to love, now we hate. “Why did I ever buy this?” Whatever I buy I make sure I love it and its something I will for sure need in the future.
Fun fact “Did you know 64% of people who buy things, do it impulsively”

If I was a Spice I would be Caraway Seed

Apparently caraway seed is used to season potato salad. This blog is not like a potato salad. It is for the fact that there is various ingredients but false that it is strictly about food. It’s not. It’s eclectic and has a wide perspective of ideas. Read on.

I’ll Spare You the After Picture

So above you see two delicious personalized pizzas. Joyfully laying on a block of wood. The idea here was to soak the boards in water then add to the grill. Unfortunately the wood caught on fire and didn’t turn out so good. But we were able to eat some of the pieces. This sauce was good no matter what was going on. Stay tuned for a second try…

Making Sushi is Hard, Like Life

Homemade sushi. Don’t attempt to cook on a night when your really really hungry. You need the patience to perfect. My first mistake, don’t use brown rice for sushi. Thought it might be a healthier option but it just wont work. Make sushi with white rice mixed with vinegar in the water to make it sticky.